Toyota Prado Hire in Rwanda

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Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Toyota Prado Hire in Rwanda

The Land cruiser Prado is a 4×4 SUV very comfortable and suitable for both business travelers and tourists. This Land cruiser Prado offers all mod cons, fantastic audio and virtually every kind of driver and passenger comfort you can think of. So as well as taking the off-road in its stride, the Prado is a practical and extremely comfortable on-roader too.
Our Toyota Prado Hire in Rwanda comes with a free camping gear therefore suitable for tourists intending to go for gorilla trekking or even game drives on a Rwanda self drive. The business travelers can also use this option to move anywhere within the country.

Why Hire a Land Cruiser Prado ?

  • The Land cruiser Prado is a 4×4 SUV has got air-conditioning both front and rear.
  • The boot is quite spacious to accommodate enough luggage.
  • All automatic models come with Hill Start Assist Control (HAC) and Kakadu models feature CRAWL Control [B10] to help give you more control in off road situations.
  • Our Land cruiser Prado comes with a free camping gear for tourists.

why a Toyota prado in Rwanda?

The toyota prado in Rwanda is one of the most driven cars because of the trust that people have with this wonderful car. The car is suitable for all terrains.

with this beautiful car, it means that you shall have comfort along the way. There shall be no worry.

Our company is excellent managed to ensure that our clients are better and happy. we go beyond the limit to satisfy our clients.