The Dos and Don’ts of a Self Drive Road Trip

The Dos and Don'ts of a Self Drive Road Trip

The Dos and Don’ts of a Self Drive Road Trip

Are you planning a self drive road trip in Rwanda? Get the best from your adventure with Rwanda Cars for Rental in Rwanda, a car hire company you can trust. We bring you the Do’s and Don’ts of a self drive road trip. Travel all around Rwanda and experience the stunning scenery of  the beautiful nature with our 4 wheel cars. It is every traveler’s wish to drive safely that is why we are there to address your travel needs in Rwanda. Driving from Rwanda might be different from a foreign country where you come from.

If you are planning a Rwanda road trip, the following Do’s and Don’ts of a self drive road trip can be of help to you as you travel to explore the spectacular mountain gorillas, stunning sceneries, remarkable wildlife species as well as a thousand misty hills that this country is popularly credited for in the world.

1. Never drive when you are tired:

This might sound like an obvious thing but it is one of the serious driving experiences that you have to avoid while on your self drive to Rwanda. Many have been culprits of road accidents not because they wished to experience such bad travel experiences but because they are worn out. In most cases, we may feel like sleeping or resting, please at this point of time, we advise our clients to always make stop and pack by the roadside and then have some bit of rest and where possible, delegate a friend or colleague whom you traveling to take over provided he has a driving permit. Also before you go for a trip, make sure that you have adequate sleep at night to avoid over dozing while driving. This will guarantee your safety on the trip.

2. Do not drink and drive:
A self drive road trip can be can be exciting and you might be attempted to get some tough alcoholic drink, please never risk drinking while you are driving in Rwanda. Do’s and Don’ts of a self drive road trip include his rule that has become like a song in the ears of many drivers. For smart travelers, they won’t drink and drive because they do not want to risk their lives.

3. Understand the traffic rules of the country:

Driving laws differ from country to country, that is why before you take on your ride, it is better for you to first get to know and understand fully the laws of that country. Remember to ask the company or an agency that you hired the car from to give you some pamphlets that will explain to you the driving laws, read and understand them better.

Rwanda road trips for independent travelers in Rwanda can be simplified by our team of experts at the company offices in Rwanda. So don’t hesitant to reach out to us. Your are mostly welcome.