Car Hire Rwanda One Way

What is a Car Hire Rwanda One Way service?

A Car Hire Rwanda One Way fee is what you pay to pick up a car in one place and drop it off somewhere else. Rwanda Car hire companies charge the fee to cover the cost of taking the car back to its original location.
One-way fees can be charged when you take a car between cities or towns, between airports and between countries. Less often, they can be charged between two rental locations in the same city.

Drive from point A, all the way to point B, crossing country or countries. We bring your car home. We are among the few of Rwanda’s car rental company which offers one way car hire service.
We know that not all journeys go in full circle.

Are you planning to drive one way, from one town to another? Are you arriving at one airport but departing from another? Perhaps you’ve got a big move approaching where there’s no going back? We have got your back.

For those who wish to move from A to B, Our car hire Rwanda service caters for all your one-way car hire needs.

When will you pay this  Car Hire Rwanda One Way fee?

You’ll be asked to pay the one-way fee when you pick up your rental car. Most car hire companies ask you to pay the one-way fee using the same credit card you use to leave your security deposit. Some will let you pay the fee with another card.

You’ll pay for the one-way fee at the rental desk, not when you pay for your car. So if you’re renting a car abroad, you might end up paying the one-way fee in a different currency.
How can you get a good deal?

To get the best price, book the trip you’re planning up front. So if you know you’re picking up and dropping off in different places, start your search with them. If you book your hire car using the same pick-up and drop-off location, but then decide to change it, you are likely to pay extra charges.

Look out for all-inclusive deals. Some rental companies may include the one-way fee in the price you pay online for your booking, so there will be nothing to pay when you pick up your car. You’ll find all the information in the Ts & Cs of the car you’ve chosen.
Changing your plans at the last minute.

If you booked a straightforward trip (dropping your car off in the same place you picked it up) but then decide to drop off your car in a different location before your rental starts, you’re likely to pay a price increase for the rental itself. This is because changes to your trip tend to be made using the latest price, and prices tend to rise the closer it gets to the pick-up day. So, the later the changes, the higher the price of the car. The one-way fee will be charged on top of the rental price, when you arrive to pick up the car.

If you decide to drop off your car in a different place once you’ve picked it up, you’ll be charged a penalty fee rather than just a one-way fee. Penalty fees are always higher, so they are worth avoiding wherever possible.