4×4 Car Rental Rwanda, 4×4 Car hire Kigali, 4×4 self drive car rental Rwanda

For  4×4 Self Drive Rwanda services, We’re the best  providing unforgettable 4×4 self Drive car rental experience that is affordable, reliable and  professional is our main target. We offer 4×4 Self Drive experience in  Rwanda. The Self Drive Car  rates are inclusive of Comprehensive insurance, delivery and pick up among others. 4×4 Car Rental Rwanda service offered by us is a reliable car rental services. We always endeavor to tailor your self drive holidays to the best scenic tourism spots, recommend your stay to the best Eco safari lodges & camps and advise activities to take along your way to tourist’s areas.

We also provide car rental  replacements of similar standards in case of any break down to ensure  that your rental experience with 4×4 self drive  Uganda  is free of travel so as to accomplish your travel mission with less or minimum interruptions.

4×4 Self drive Rentals Fleet we have

From a wide selection of rental fleets 4×4 Self Drive Uganda has, We offer economic cars, luxury or  SUV cars, popular cars, of well maintained vehicles which include; 4WD Land Cruisers, safari vans,Rav4s, all inclusive of comprehensive insurance and are worthy to suit your needs.

4×4 Self drive Rentals with driver

4×4 Self Drive rented cars can only be driven  by you but there is  yet another possibility to add an additional driver which is mostly demands an extra  cost. The Driver will be present when picking up the car. Our additional Drivers are qualified and have high experience in the tourism transport System.

Car rental Rwanda-Car Hire and 4×4 Self drive Rentals

4×4 car rental Rwanda services we offer  provide cheap rental fleets for hire with 4×4 self drive Rwanda. Car rental in Rwanda is possible with our wide range of vehicles designed to suit your financial and circumstantial requirements, including toyota rav4s’LandCruiser v8, Nissan patral 4×4 TD.42 Engine size,Landcruiser Prado TX/TZ, safari vans, Family supercustom, Landcruiser hard top, Land cruiser extended, Landcruiser Gx, among others.

Rent a car and take a tour in Rwanda

4×4 car rental Rwanda – we’re glad to arrange a chauffeur service in Rwanda. Sometimes driving in a new country can be overwhelming. With the 4×4 self drive Rwanda chauffeur service, you can handle the rails over to a driver familiar with the roads and regulations. If you’re planning on staying in Rwanda for an extended period of time, long term car rental in Rwanda is always an option with Car rental Rwanda. With a long term rental car, you can travel throughout Rwanda at your own pace to enjoy all of the great locations. No matter your rental circumstances, Car rental Rwanda with our company
offers protection for renting a car in Rwanda. Our plans are designed to cover any possible damages to the car and are therefore highly recommend.

Car Reservation

Because you are our first priority, 4×4 Self Drive has made it easier by setting  3 simple steps including…

  • search for available cars for your dates in Kigali, Rwanda;
  • select your car type
  • Fill in the booking form and provide all details. Once the reservation is completed, you will receive a confirmation voucher to your email address. During the booking process, please check your rental conditions.
    However, you can make direct bookings by making a direct call  through the following contacts: Whatsapp: +250 785 412 878