Car rental & Accommodations

Car rental & Accommodations

Car rental & Accommodations

Car rental and accommodations likes hotels in Rwanda can be booked and reserved for you by  Rwanda Cars For Hire. We ensure that you get the best experience in Rwanda. We drive you to a well planned routes on a self drive safari in Rwanda and reserve for you accommodation. Take advantage of our most recommended campsites and lodges that will spice up your car rental experience. We have visited most of these campsite and lodges however not all but some have been recommended by our last clients and here we present to you top-notch lodges and campsites.

Kigali has got a number of accommodations and that can be best categories into hotels, apartments and lodges that include budget, mid range and luxury accommodation to cater for various options for tourists who come to Rwanda.

Rwanda Cars For Hire is  renown for our quality in booking you superior and high quality accommodation that suites our clients interests and eco practices in Rwanda. We book all quality hotels in Rwanda as well as apartments, safari lodges and camps, from luxury to budget. Our prices are discounted for most hotels we deal with and give you the best price.

Kigali hotels, apartments and lodges listing including budget, mid-range and luxury accommodation options for tourists to Uganda.

Itineraries and Accommodations

These itineraries are build from our well experienced expert personnel who share the love for adventure and have singled out the best routes to take and which lodges will spice up your adventure. The Authors of these well put together itineraries have traveled this pearl of Africa from north to south, east to west, previously worked for different pioneer tour companies for over 8 years and now absolutely know every corner of this country, identifying what will make an adventure worth an experience. We came up with itineraries for you that need to adventure independently or still possible making use of our insightful driver guides.

Self drive car rental pre-arranged itineraries are a perfect and easy choice in discovering the un-ending beautiful lands of Rwanda. Be assured which directions to take and absolutely which lodge to overnight through some of the best spottings in upcountry roads.
In addition to car rental services, we secure your Gorilla and chimpanzee permits, reserve lodges to spend the overnights, A well planned itinerary and routes with a help of a guide map or a resourceful Driver guide.

We have a long working relationship with the lodges we mention in these packages, they give us a discount and we happily pass on this cost break to our clients on top of our discounted car rental rates.