Essential Items For a Safari Game Drive

Essential Items For a Safari Game Drive

Essential Items For a Safari Game Drive

Everyone intending to ravel has to prepare and put a few things together that they will need while on their safari. Different kinds of safaris have different kinds of items that are require to be able to do certain activities. Rwanda cars for rental has come up with a list of essential items for a safari game drive while in Rwanda. The items are not only limited to this feel free to carry personal items.


On your game drive safari, you’ll be getting up close to many animals in the national parks, but other wildlife, including birds, are frequently viewed from a distance. For those situations, nothing beats a great pair of binoculars. Go with a pair that offers at least 8×30 magnification as one of the essential items for a safari game drive—that way you’ll be able to comfortably view game from afar and the images will appear crisp and vivid.


You’ll be taking a lot of photos when you’re out on the game drive safari, but camera equipment can weigh you down—the key is to pack light so that you are nimble enough to snap that not-to-be-missed shot. While smartphone cameras continue to improve, a quality DSLR camera with an optical lens is a must if you want the best photos possible. Consider taking along a telephoto lens if your goal is to get more intimate shots of the local wildlife. Don’t forget to pack extra batteries and memory cards—with all of your snapping you may go through batteries and memory faster than expected!

You’ll also need something to protect your equipment from the elements. We recommend that you store your camera and accessories in a waterproof and dustproof bag while on your self drive in Rwanda


Remember when you’re out in the bush to protect yourself from the sun. Pack a quality pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes—polarized sunglasses work best to reduce glare. A wide brimmed hat is also recommended to reduce your direct exposure to the sun. Finally, ensure you apply sunscreen before and during your safari game drive, we recommend a sunscreen that is scent-free.


Whether you’re on a game drive or a walking safari, a reliable pair of walking shoes or hiking boots is one of essential items for a safari game drive, will help you get the most out of your safari experience. Guides will often direct your attention to the smaller things on safari, such as plants or insects, and if your footwear is comfortable, you’ll be able to get up close to these smaller natural wonders of Africa while feeling safe and secure in the elements.


It’s thrilling to be so close to the natural world of Africa when you are out on safari, but that also means that because you are in a remote location you may not have access to basic medical supplies. That’s why we recommend you pack a light medical kit that includes essentials such as aspirin, bandages, stomach relief meds, and an anti-histamine cream—this way you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way.