Toyota Super Custom For Hire in Rwanda

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Toyota Hiace Super Custom Van

The Toyota Hiace Super Custom is a series of the Toyota manufactured cars in van form with 3.0 Turbo Diesel, 4WD – 2″ suspension lift mod / wheel arch mod is an executive Vehicle convenient for delegates and family travels. These super custom vans are designed to carry a maximum of 8 people. Book a Nissan 4X4WD for wildlife viewing in national parks. Has Extra Power for rough roads, Pop Up roof for game drive, Diesel Usage.

Why Hire a Hiace Super Custom Van ?

  • The Toyota Super Custom has an extra ordinary interior and enough space for both passengers and luggage.
  • It has a comfortable air-conditioned interior features adjustable seats, MP3/ CD player plus a sun roof and when you add the spacious cargo space in the rear.
  • With the Improved roads in Uganda even for the muddy areas upcountry, the Hiace vehicle has turned out a more robust, friendly and reliable Full time 4W. Not even the slippery and hilly areas will stop this vehicle from maneuvering the Uganda terrains.