Extended Safari Land Cruiser For Hire

Extended Safari Land Cruiser

Extended Safari Land Cruiser With PopUp Roof

Our Extended Safari Land Cruiser has been redesigned with extended sits and sturdy popUp roofs & tents to our services, to offer the ultimate safari experience to our clients! These sturdy rooftop tents are made in South Africa and made of the highest standard rip stop canvas.

Save big on safari Accommodations by hiring one of the extended safari land cruiser with popup roof top & tents. We are the leading specialists in hiring 4X4 extended safari land cruisers with popup rooftop & tents and an offer of a free camping gear together with camping gears in Rwanda at a very affordable and unbeatable rates.

With a max of over 10 people and still maintain a huge space for luggage, This land cruiser is equal to None when considering the 4 Wheel/4W. You Can opt to rent this vehicle for self drive safaris or with our insightful drivers.

Rent this vehicle With PopUp Roof , Tent and a free camping gear as an offer at Rwanda Cars For Rental. This custom-made vehicle has the capability of juggling through the bumpy upcountry roads and slippery roads to save you a big adventure. It has been proven to be one of the most powerful vehicles with a high ground clearance level.