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Car rental Rates and Quotes

Car rental rates and quotes are very much affordable with Rwanda Cars For Hire. Rent a 4×4 car with Rwanda Cars For Hire fleet and enjoy un-interrupted and inspirational journey. 4×4 car rental services are Our Pride in Rwanda. Rent a car in Rwanda and get yourself behind the wheels or enjoy the comfort of a 4×4 landcruiser or Toyota Rav 4 for as low as $45 per day in Rwanda. The car rental rates quoted include full comprehensive insurance, third party, Unlimited mileage, Rwanda road map, Bradt travel guide book, first aid kit box, a cooler box, spare wheels, a phone and sim card with a 24/7 roadside assistance. Hire a car in Uganda with Rwanda Cars For Hire with a great dose of insider tips for self drive and guided trips.

CAR TYPE                                                                          HIGH SEASON                                                   LOW SEASON

Toyota Rav4                                                                        US$   48 /day                                                     US$ 45 /day

Toyota Prado Landcruiser                                              US$ 80 /day                                                       US$ 75 /day

Toyota Safari Super custom                                           US$ 80 /day                                                       US$ 75 /day

Toyota safari Van                                                               US$ 80 /day                                                       US$ 75 /day

Customised Safari Landcruiser                                     US$ 130 /day                                                    US$ 120 /day

Extended Safari Landcruiser                                        US$ 190 /day                                                  US$ 180 /day

Please be advised:-

  1. High season is Mid 15th June to Mid 15th October and Mid 15th Dec to Mid 15th Feb.
  2. The prices above are quoted for car rental only per day, this excludes fuel and guide. In any case you need camping equipments and driver guide, please refer to our additional car hire services.
  3. We provide for Self drive car hire;-  The Toyota rav4, and the Prado land-cruisers. The rest of the vehicles for hire, we do provide with a driver guide at an additional rental cost of $35 per day.
  4. The price above also doesn’t apply for boarder crossing /comesa fees.

We do deliver the vehicle at a destination of your choice or pick up the vehicle from any drop off point in and around the country but some costs apply with this car hire service which you can expect to be forwarded to you.

  • Fuel to destination and or from drop off point.
  • Guide allowance of $30 per day
  • Bus fairs to drop off point

Camping gear rates

Camping Gear Rates                                                                         No. of Days                                            Rental Rates

Rental rates                                                                                            1 – 5 days                                                US$ 5 /day

Rental Rates                                                                                           5 – 10 days                                              US$ 4 /day

Rental Rates                                                                                              10 days +                                             US$ 3 /day

Please note;

The camping gear price above are on per person and per day basis. These include a wide range of gears and all you need just to get that camping adventure begin. Please refer to our car rental & camping gear page for an insight into this service.

Driver Guide rates

Driver Guides                                                               High Season                                                               Low season

Rates                                                                             US$ 35 /day                                                              US$ 35 /day

We work with some of the best professional guides in Rwanda who are a great company and give you a deep insight into these insightful countries. These driver guides are paid $35 per day which caters for their daily allowances, accommodation, meals and more personal needs.