The Canopy Walk In Rwanda during one of the Rwanda safaris

The Canopy Walk In Rwanda during one of the Rwanda safaris

Rwanda has mild temperatures and an average of 359 days of sunshine, it’s no wonder Rwanda is considered to have some of the best weather in the whole of East Africa and Africa at large. This is a small country that never ceases to surprise its visitors with a collection of glamorous adventures that include beautiful landscapes, wildlife, rich culture, cuisine and so many other experiences that are really memorable during your Rwanda Safari. Nyungwe forest offers beautiful none crowded adventure activities like the thrilling canopy walk. The canopy walk or some call it the treetop walk is one of Rwanda’s most famous gateways to adventure and encounter with nature thus enjoying panoramic views of the landscapes and the overall over look of the Nyungwe forest.

Many visitors to Rwanda commonly visit the gorillas in Musanze, for the adventure of the rainforests and primate tracking but nevertheless, Nyungwe has more to entertain its visitors with an assortment of chimpanzee tracking, nature walk and treetop walks.

Best about the Canopy Walk

Just like any other adventurous activity in the rainforests of African, Visitors for the canopy walk as well go through a briefing before embarking on the activity. You need to know how to handle the walk and what to expect before you get on the rope trail. After the briefing, proceed for the walk with your guide, if you need any help, you can always ask or hold on to any person strong with hikes as well.

The trail walk way is beautiful designed with ropes on the sides and aluminum bars to many visitors, this whole setup is extremely scaring and very challenging. Upon finishing the trail, many celebrate highly it is praised as a victory worn.

While on the treetop walk, meet various species of animals like the chimpanzees, monkey and a wide range of birds dwelling in various tree branches. Here you can meet some of the oldest tree species that form very beautiful canopies at the top. This is an experience offering a life time memory that one can only share by being part of it.

Rules and Regulations for Canopy walk

  • All visitors ready for the canopy walk must purchase and hold permits that allow doing this activity, your tour operator can help you find and reserve the permits
  • Ensure that you are physically healthy and fit. People with heart complications and breathing problems are highly not recommended for this activity, you can only take it up at your own risk.
  • It is best to have warm clothing for the walk since the altitude is high and it is really cold up there for normal thin clothing
  • For those afraid of heights, make sure not to concentrate on the heights below , otherwise this can cause nausea and fear
  • Make sure to put on safari shoes that can enable you move stably on the on the aluminum bars