Bisesero Genocide Memorial Site

Bisesero Genocide Memorial Site

Near Lake Kivu you will find the hills of Bisesero – a place where the Tutsis stages a resistance against the Hutu Genocidaires.  The hills provided for many Tutsis – especially the hill named Muyira – the fought off the Interhamwe, soldiers and others who came to kill them until July 1 – which was near the end of the genocide when the Tutsis called Abasero were overun.

Bisesero Genocide Memorial SiteBisesero Genocide Memorial Site pays tribute to the resistance that was made by by the Abaseros of the Bisesoro Hills. The memorial is a tribute to both their bravery and will to survive and their loss of life against  their overwhelming opposition.

After the Genocide an accounting of the survivors in Bisesero – it found 1500 survivors and 50,000 dead at the hands of the Hutu Genocidaires.

Another sacred place – Genocide Memorial in Rwanda.

The Genocide Memorials – Rwanda – Rwanda’s sacred places that emphatically state “Never again”  that reminds that evil exists in our world – but also as one looks around present day Rwanda – one can see the triumph over evil through he resilient spirit of Rwandans and their commitment to a Rwanda for all Rwandans.

learn more about Rwanda by visiting Bisesero. You will hear hopeful stories of how the country has moved on from that tragedy.